Media work

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I have been interviewed for, or my research has featured in, the following international media outlets:


Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver‘, HBO, 13th November 2022

‘The Princes And The Press’, BBC Two, 22 & 29 November 2021

‘Royals for Hire: Dispatches’, Channel 4, 10 May 2021

 Video interviews

‘Protocol and pageantry: Reporting the death of the queen’, Al Jazeera Listening Post (17 September 2022)

‘A Firm without its queen: How the Royal Family runs its finances’, France24 (16 September 2022)

”Absolutely Mind-Bending Figures’: Inside Look At The Wealth Of The Royal Family’, MSNBC (16 September 2022)

‘Monarchy and social media’, TVE, (13 September 2022)

‘The Sovereign Grant’, BBC News (30 June 2022)

‘Reporting on the royals’, The Media Show, BBC News & BBC Radio 4, (1 June 2022)

The Queen‘, Das Erste Germany (30 May 2022)

ThinkIn: William or Harry?‘ Tortoise Media (5th May 2022)

‘Prince Charles’s charity boss steps down’, Sky News (15 September 2021)

Prince Andrew’s court case’, BBC Newsnight (13 September 2021)

‘The British Royals- Wealth, Power and Inequality’. FutureFramed.TV (11 April 2021)

‘Meghan vs the media: A royal media rumble rocks the UK press’. Al Jazeera Listening Post, (13 March 2021)

‘Sensemaker Live – The Royals: are we done with the dynasty?’. Tortoise Media, (12 March 2021)

‘Deference over scrutiny? Media and Monarchy in the United Kingdom’. Al Jazeera Listening Post, (08 September 2018)


FreeToProtest Series: Episode 3, Monarchy‘. Boundaries of Expression by Article 19, (23 January 2023)

How wealthy is the British monarchy?’, In The News – The Irish Times (16 September 2022)

‘Laura Clancy, “Running the Family Firm”’, New Books Podcast, 2 June 2022

Laura Clancy: The Monarchy aka the Firm‘, Surviving Society, 31 May 2022

Dynasty: The Windsors’, 5-part series, Vanity Fair podcasts, April-May 2022

‘Laura Clancy: on running the (royal) family firm’, The Hedgehog and the Fox, 4 February 2022

Radio interviews

‘Laura Clancy on the Queen’s funeral’, The Platform New Zealand, (20 September 2022)

‘Charles III and the monarchy’, CBC News, (17 September 2022)

‘The Royal riches’, ABC News Australia, (16 September 2022)

How King Charles III built a financial empire‘, KNX Los Angeles (14 September 2022)

‘The death of Queen Elizabeth II’, The Platform New Zealand (08 June 2022)

Couronne britannique, quel futur entre tradition et modernité?’, RFI (France), (27 June 2022)

Interview on the Platinum Jubilee. The Platform New Zealand (06 June 2022)

‘In my opinion… we should get rid of the monarchy’. BBC 5 Live (30 May 2022)

Interview on the Queen missing the State Opening of Parliament. The Platform New Zealand (10 May 2022)

Interview on Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Winfrey interview. 3RRR (Melbourne, Australia). (13 March 2021)

Interview on Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Winfrey interview. BBC 5 Live, Nihal Arthanayake show (08 March 2021)

‘God Bless the Prince of Wales’. BBC Radio 4: Archive on 4 (06 July 2019)

‘Prince Philip’s Retirement’. Gary Hickson (host). BBC Radio Lancashire, (04 May 2017)

What Harry & Meghan reveals about the Duchess of Sussex’s reputation within the royal family‘, The Week, (12 December 2022)

Harry & Meghan Tries to Offer a History Lesson on Race. Here’s What It Says, TIME Online, (15 December 2022)

‘Light and Shadow Colored by the British Royal Family and Art’, Nikkei, (20 November 2022)

‘‘The Crown’ and the Appeal of a Royal TV Interview’, The New York Times (15 November 2022)

Buckingham Palace Doesn’t Want Queen’s Funeral Shown Again in Full‘, Newsweek (29 September 2022)

Now is the time for a revolution to replace the monarchy, panel at alternative Labour Party conference says‘, Morning Star (26 September 2022)

Putting royalty to rest‘, Canadian Dimension (28 September 2022)

Can the Monarchy Survive This?‘, Vice UK (23 September 2022)

Everything That Will Happen Now That The Queen’s Funeral Is Over‘, The List (22 September 2022)

‘King Charles III: Monarch and experienced billionaire businessman’, Deutsche Welle, (21 September 2022)

The BBC’s Crowning Moment‘, Foreign Policy, (19 September 2022)

‘The Queen is Everywhere. What Will the Royal Makeover Cost?’. New York Times, (18 September 2022)

De dónde viene el amor de los británicos por la monarquía en Reino Unido (y qué dicen sus críticos)‘ BBC Mundo, (17 September 2022)

Reminder of a tragic period: Africa reacts to Queen Elizabeth’s death‘, Fairplanet, 17 September 2022

Trial by TikTok: Camilla and Meghan targeted with abuse after Queen’s death‘, The Guardian (17 September 2022)

‘The King’s problems with pens break the royal spell’, Financial Times, (16 September 2022)

‘Prince William moves into the spotlight as heir to the throne’, The New York Times, (16 September 2022)

The First Billionaire To Become UK’s King‘, (16 September 2022)

‘This is How King Charles Amassed His Billion Dollar Fortune’, Yahoo News (15 September 2022)

Inside the ‘Experimental’ Town That King Charles III Created‘, Vice News, (15 September 2022)

Prince William just inherited a 685-year-old estate worth $1 billion‘, CNN Business, (14 September 2022). Republished in World Nation News, The Times Hub India, Basin Radio Network, Lanka Times

King Charles Inherits Untold Riches, and Passes Off His Own Empire‘, The New York Times, (13 September 2022). Republished in the Japan Times

‘Anti-monarchists tread lightly after the Queen’s death, but their goal persists’. The New York Times (12 September 2022)

Ruling the screen: A look at the depictions of Queen Elizabeth II in films and shows‘, FirstPost (12 September 2022)

‘Who is Britain’s King Charles III?’, Al Jazeera, (9 September 2022)

Camilla: From the ‘other woman’ in Charles and Diana’s marriage to Queen Consort after Elizabeth II’s death‘, the i, (9 September 2022)

‘‘Grandmother of nation’ Queen seen as part of Britain’s story of stability’, Press Association story, published in Evening Standard, Belfast Telegraph, The National Wales, Mail Online, The Independent, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, The Week, Big News Network, New Zealand Herald, Semana, All Africa. (9 September 2022)

‘বিদায় আধুনিক ব্রিটেনের রূপকার’, Amader Shomoy, (9 September 2022)

‘Prince Andrew has no public future after embarrassing royal family ‘tremendously’, say experts’. The i, (13 June 2022)

Sociologen vil have briterne til at åbne øjnene: De fremstiller sig som en middelklassefamilie, men minder mere om Trump’. Politiken (Denmark) (4 June 2022)

‘Which British monarch has reigned the longest? (What about the shortest?)’ Live Science, (4 June 2022)

‘Platinum Jubilee celebrations are ‘preparing public’ for reign of King Charles as Prince of Wales steps up’, The i, 2 June 2022

‘Platinum Jubilee: Prince Andrew, Harry and Meghan ‘are likely’ to attend St Paul’s Cathedral service’, The i, (21 May 2022)

Meghan mer avskydd än någonsin – varför?’, Svenska Dagbladet (24 February 2022)

Dronningens firma’, Danish Weekly feature piece, (11 Feb 2022)

‘History hangs over Queen Elizabeth as she marks 70 years on throne’, NBC News (5 Feb 2022)

‘Platinum Jubilee: 2022 celebrations are ‘key moment’ for the monarchy after miserable  year, says expert’, the i, (29 December 2021)

‘Kate and William thriving as royals move on from Megxit ‘The family is built around them’’, Daily Express, (11 December 2021), [note this is not an accurate representation of my words]

‘Meghan and Harry copying Royal Family’s playbook in bid to overhaul ‘divisive’ image’, Daily Express, (12 December 2021) [note this is not an accurate representation of my words]

‘’She’s not Beyonce!’ Kate ‘playing game’ with ‘staged intimacy’ on ‘contrived’ Instagram’, Daily Express, (11 December 2021), [note this is not an accurate representation of my words]

‘The Royals Love Feuding With the BBC Way More Than Each Other’, The Daily Beast, (26 November 2021)

‘A Princess Diana Facebook group is secretly populated by Gen-Z trolls mocking ‘boomers,’ members say‘, Insider, (18 November 2021)

Prince Andrew to be ‘sidelined’ from monarchy as Prince Charles aims to boost his own popularity, experts say‘, the i, (14 August 2021)

Prince Andrew ‘messed with wrong woman’ says Virginia Giuffre’s aunt – as experts warn his public life is over‘, the i, (12 August 2021)

‘Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Nude Searches Highlight Sexism Towards Royals’, Newsweek (16 July 2021)

The Crown Estate: The mysterious property empire behind Queen Elizabeth II’. Deutsche Welle, (09 June 2021)

‘「あんなインタビュー」と英国⺠ ハリー王⼦夫妻に幻滅’[translation: ‘”Such an interview”: disillusioned British Prince Harry and his wife’] Asahi Shimbun. (07 April 2021)

The Firm vs. the Family: How Does the British Monarchy Really Work?’. How Stuff Works (24 March 2021)

‘Des Medias Dans La Tourmente’, La Figaro Magazine, (19 March 2021), pp.48-49

‘Harry and Meghan: What’s the media’s ‘invisible contract’ with British royalty?’. BBC News. (11 March 2021)

‘Lancaster University academic calls for wider debate on future of the monarchy and says “Conversations about whether it’s Team Meghan or Team Queen are not particularly useful”’. Lancashire Evening Post, (08 March 2021)

‘Lancaster University academic calls for wider debate on future of the monarchy and says “Conversations about whether it’s Team Meghan or Team Queen are not particularly useful”’. Lancaster Guardian, (08 March 2021)

‘Publishing PhD Research in the Journal: Interview with Laura Clancy’. The Sociological Review blog, (04 December 2020)

‘Harrys och Meghans pr-krig mot kungahuset’. Svenska Dagbladet, (20 September 2020)

‘La estela inolvidable de la princesa Diana’. Pauta, (30 August 2020)

‘Queen Elizabeth II Should Acknowledge U.K. Role in Slavery, Campaigners Say’. Newsweek, (01 July 2020)

‘Exit of a prince – the British Royal Family’s dilemma’. Tokyo Chunichi Shimbun, [print] (27 January 2020)

‘“Hypocrisy” over cost of royal spending, expert says’, Mail Online, (25 June 2019) [invited by Press Association]. Audience reach of approx. 37 million. This was a Press Association story, also used in 186 other publications including AOL (2 million audience reach), This Is Money (1.2 million audience reach), Express and Star, Belfast Telegraph, Evening Times, Evening Express.

‘ロイヤルベビー出産も「脱伝統」 英国でうずまく賛否’ [translation: ‘Royal baby birth is also non-traditional’], Asahi Shimbun. (21 May 2019)


Prince William Was Never The Same After Marrying Kate Middleton‘, The List (03 October 2022)

We must ditch a ruling UK elite that is grossly abusing its political power‘, The National (21 September 2022)

‘New York Times criticises ‘money-making’ Charles estate’, The Times, (13 September 2022)

‘Queen Elizabeth’s Death Is Reminder Of How Monarchy Is Revered To Date’, Outlook India, (9 September 2022)

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