I have executively produced a special series for the brilliant podcast Surviving Society, called ‘The Global Power of the British Monarchy’.

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Across 6 episodes, the series looks to challenge existing conversations about the British monarchy. Often in popular discourse, the monarchy is taken for granted as a part of British culture. With expert guests, the podcast tells a story of the ‘other side’ of monarchy. From its links to Empire and colonialism, to issues of wealth accumulation and nationalism, the series sets out to disrupt common sense understandings and undertake a critical analysis of the Firm and its various intersections with inequality.

Funded by ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

Episode 1: Colonialism, slavery, and secrecy

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This episode will address the monarchy’s historical, and contemporary, relationship to systems of colonialism, imperialism, Empire, and the structures of secrecy which make researching the monarchy so challenging.

With Dr Brooke Newman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Episode 2: Global realms, royal visits and post-monarchical futures

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This episode considers the perspectives of Barbados and Australia, as former and present global realms of the British monarchy, and possibilities for republican futures.

With Dr Allison Ramsay, University of the West Indies and Dr Holly Randell-Moon, Charles Sturt University

Episode 3: Whiteness and the ‘spectre of Diana’

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This episode discusses the role of whiteness and gender inequality in reproducing the monarchy.

With Professor Raka Shome, Villanova University

Episode 4: Class, inequality, nationalism and conservatism

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This episode thinks about the role of national identity and social class in understandings of ‘Britishness’ and monarchy’s role within it.

With Prof Jason Arday, Glasgow University, Prof Jo Littler, City, University of London, Dr Sivamohan Valluvan, Warwick University

Episode 5: Elite Studies, risk, and the burden of care

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This episode speaks to global elite studies scholars to understand the risks of studying the elites, and the burden of care in whose voices we platform.

With Dr Pere Ayling, University of Suffolk, Emily Hoyle, Lancaster University, Dr Ujithra Ponniah, University of the Witwatersrand

Episode 6: The Reflection

Laura and Dr Chantelle Lewis reflect on the series and what’s next for the monarchy.

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