Academic Publications


Clancy, L (2021). Running the Family Firm: how the monarchy manages its image and our money. Manchester: Manchester University Press

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Clancy, L. (2023). ‘‘If you do hold them to account, are you going to find yourself hitting more brick walls later?’: Royal Correspondents and royal news production‘. Journalism, online first

Clancy, L (2022). ‘‘If You Move in the Same Circles as the Royals, then You’ll Get Stories About Them’: Royal Correspondents, Cultural Intermediaries and Class’. Cultural Sociology, online first

Clancy, L and De Benedictis, S (2021). ‘I wanted to offer my sympathy… woman to woman’: Reading The Crown during a conjuncture of crisis’. Soundings, online first

Clancy, L and Yelin, H (2021). ‘Monarchy is a Feminist Issue: Andrew, Meghan and #MeToo Era Monarchy’. Women’s Studies International Forum, online first

Clancy, L (2020). ‘‘This is a tale of friendship, a story of togetherness’: The British Monarchy, Grenfell Tower, and Inequalities in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’. Cultural Studies, online first

Clancy, L (2020). ‘The Corporate Power of the British Monarchy: Capital(ism), Wealth and Power in Contemporary Britain’. The Sociological Review, 69(2), pp.330-347

Yelin, H and Clancy, L (2020) ‘Doing impact work while female: Hate tweets, ‘hot potatoes’ and ‘having enough of experts’’. European Journal of Women’s Studies, online first

Clancy, L (2020). ‘‘Queen of Scots’: the Monarch’s Body and National Identities in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum’. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 23(3), pp.495-512

Clancy, L (2019). “Queen’s Day – TV’s Day’: The British Monarchy and the Media Industries’. Contemporary British History, 33(3), pp.427-450

Clancy, L and Yelin, H (2018). ‘‘Meghan’s Manifesto’: Meghan Markle and the Co-Option of Feminism’. Celebrity Studies, 11(3), pp.372-377

Edited collections

Post-Elizabethan Futures‘, The Sociological Review magazine, April 2023

Edited special issues of peer-reviewed journals

Clancy, L and Yelin, H (forthcoming, 2021). ‘Introduction to Special Issue – Disciplining the M/other: Contemporary Mediated Motherhood and the Case of Meghan Markle’, Women’s Studies in Communication, 44(2), pp. 167-176

Yelin, H and Clancy, L (2021). ‘Introduction to Special Issue – Race, Royalty and Meghan Markle: Elites, inequalities, and a woman in the public eye. Women’s Studies International Forum, online first

Clancy, L and Doel, I (2019). ‘New Writings in Feminist Studies’. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 20(4)

Book chapters

Clancy, L (2020). ‘Big Fat Royal Weddings: Kate the ‘Commoner’ Princess and Classed Moral Economies’. The Wedding Spectacle Across Contemporary Media and Culture, eds. Helen Wood, Melanie Kennedy, and Jilly Kay. (Routledge)

Book reviews

Clancy, L (2020). Royal Capitalism: Wealth, Class and Monarchy in Thailand, by Puangchon Unchanam. European Journal of Cultural Studies. Online first

Clancy, L (2018). The Windsor Dynasty: 1910 – Present, by Matthew Glencross, Judith Rowbotham and Michael D. Kandiah (eds.). Journal of Contemporary History 55 (4), pp.888-890.

Clancy, L (2017). The New Elizabethan Age: Culture, Society and National Identity After World War II, by Irene Morra and Rob Gossedge (eds.). Cultural and Society History. Published online first

Clancy, L (2016). The British Monarchy on Screen, by Mandy Merck (ed.). Visual Culture in Britain, 17(2), pp.234-237,

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