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Harry & Meghan – what the first episodes reveal about Meghan’s reputation within the royal family‘, The Conversation (9 December 2022)

‘Mike Tindall is in for a bumpy ride on I’m a Celebrity, and the Royal Family will be watching in despair’, the i, (2 November 2022)

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The media is central to the monarchy’s survival. Will it also be its undoing?’, openDemocracy (13 September 2022)

What kind of king will Charles be?’, openDemocracy (12 September 2022)

The Royals Are at the Heart of British Capitalism‘, Novara Media, (9 September 2022)

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It’s not just Prince Andrew: the monarchy has a long history of dismissing women’s suffering‘. The Independent, (23 August 2021)

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The Firm and it’s long-lasting grip‘, Red Pepper, Issue 232 (Summer 2021)

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